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Can I clean my wood garage door?

Wood garage doors are cleaned like any other material. You just need to use liquid soap and a soft sponge as well as water. The only difference is that wood isn't very friendly with water. Even if it's coated with special varnishes for protection, our technicians recommend minimum water and letting the door drying well.

What are the top opener manufacturers?

Chamberlain and Liftmaster are basically the same company. The former manufacturer opener is for do-it-yourselfers and the latter for professional installers. Its main competitive company is the Overhead Door Corporation, which has the Genie openers. Although there are Craftsman and Marantec openers, the above are considered the top names in the garage door opener manufacturing industry.

Why is my garage door opening more slowly than usual?

This is most likely caused by a broken spring. When the motor is quite powerful, the opener may be able to lift the door by itself. However, this should not continue as the device can get seriously damaged. A quick inspection will reveal if you have a broken spring. Once it is replaced, things will go back to normal.

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